• Woodpecker Damage on House
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Woodpecker Damage

We can help and repair the woodpecker damage

Are Woodpeckers Eating You Out of House and Home? Are Woodpeckers Making Holes in Your Foam? THERE IS A SOLUTION! Hard Protective Coatings Deter Woodpeckers & Act as a Deterrent. Just Pick Up the Phone and Call Woodpecker Damage Control Company!

Permanent Repairs – Lifetime Guarantees

14 years in business

As of 2011 we have protected over 3,680 buildings in the Southwest Florida. Our product and the application system has evolved over the past 11 years and proven to be a permanent and cost effective solution to stop the woodpeckers from making holes.

Loved by customers

Our company provides the customer with a written 5 year labor and material guarantee on the work we have done. However this can be looked at as a lifetime lasting process as cement based products become harder with age, if it lasts 5 years it will last as long as the building it’s attached to does.