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Decorative Foam Trim Damage

The Woodpecker Damage Control Company is designed for the decorative foam based trim areas that are used primarily on masonry-stucco buildings, with decorative foam trim that was designed to give the elegant decorative, old world look on masonry buildings without the astronomical cost that is associated with forming cement and then molding it, and the labor intensive installation of a precast or other stone-type work to achieve an elegant look for your home or business.

Example: crown-type moldings, corbels, chimney caps, column trim rings, etc.

Woodpecker Damage on House

This was a great idea until the incessant and naturally inquisitive woodpeckers discovered that this was some very easy pickings after hearing the hollow sound the foam makes when tapped with their beaks. As they started pecking, as they do naturally everywhere as they go in search of food or to make new holes for nesting. They make the holes as if setting up a trapline so that bugs will crawl into them and the woodpeckers then come back and check these traplines on a routine basis or they’re creating a new hole for a close, fast entry to safety from weather or predators or to roost for the evening and it’s like they’re making a winter home for themselves and their family.

Woodpecker Damage

Our Product and the application system has evolved over the past 11 years and proven to be a permanent and cost effective solution to stop the birds from making holes and then returning to these areas year after year to nest and bring their new family members with them. This process restores these affected areas to a like-new look and is a permanent solution to this ever growing and evolving problem.

In my observations and studies of woodpecker behavior, I think that the woodpeckers must have a pecker convention and share their new-found methods to create a new entry area to their new homes. Folks, please be proud and feel lucky that this problem is happening to you, because these classy woodpeckers only choose the best neighborhoods to make their homes in!