Company History

Woodpecker Damage Control Company

The Woodpecker Damage Control Company was developed by Bruce Wadsworth in the Naples Florida area in response to a friend that owns a property management company that handles high end properties in the Southwest Florida area. He knew of my background in the industrial painting and floor coating business for over 35 years and ask if I had any ideas to stop the attacks on some of his properties by woodpeckers. My exposure to many different product lines from many different manufacturers introduced me to new products and the ever changing uses and combination of products, I was also a nationwide “Rust-O-Leum” distributor and received factory training for their products and many other product lines that I carried.

Woodpecker Damage Repair Service

Drawing on this type of experience I began to research what might be used as a base to begin with. With the co-operation of the various manufacturers from different product lines we developed the system we now use to protect the foam trim from the unbelievable hard hitting beaks of the woodpeckers. After making many adjustments for substrates, climate and appearance, we have come up with a system for the application of our product in a wide variety of areas on buildings that need to be protected. Although we have been extremely successful with our system we continue to find new ways to improve on the efficiency and the type and style and look of our finished product.

Woodpecker Damage Control Company

As of 2011 we have protected over 3,680 buildings in the Southwest Florida area, this problem however is affecting areas wherever foam products are being or have been used in construction around the world. I recently heard that they where having this problem as far away as DUBAI in their massive construction growth there. This system does not cause any harm to the woodpeckers and no woodpeckers were harmed in the development of our system, and this system is 100% Fire Proof when properly applied.